TwentyFoot are driven by good design. Established by an Architect and a Construction Manager, TwentyFoot know good design is critical to the success of any project.

Definition Who, What, Why, Where and When? The answers to these simple questions form the Programme of Requirements. Subsequent design and construction-phases concentrate primarily on the “How”. The Programme of Requirements is used to ensure the “How” is determined by the “Who, What, Why, Where and When”; and not the other way around.

Design A number of alternatives are produced and presented to the client from which a single alternative is chosen to develop further. The selected design is developed into detailed and final designs and subjected to design and constructability reviews to ensure compliance with the Programme of Requirements.

Calculate Good design ensures accurate cost estimates can be produced. Cost estimates with a 30% accuracy are calculated for comparison of the alternatives. A cost estimate with a 10% accuracy is calculated prior to the construction phase.

Design + Construct Despite the best efforts of all parties involved, a lot of great designs get ‘lost in translation’ between design and construction phases. This can result in designs being misconstrued and watered down and watered down, and generally leads to compromise, project delays, rising costs, and ultimately dissatisfaction with the final product. TwentyFoot is convinced the solution lies in ensuring all the project knowledge is directly transferred into the final product. This can only be achieved by integrating design and construction services and teams.

Schedule Each project starts with a detailed overall schedule. Prior to commencing construction work the overall schedule is translated into the construction schedule. This ensures the construction phase is managed effectively with sufficient time is reserved for safety, quality and handover.

Build Construction is something to be celebrated, seeing initial ideas and dreams come to fruition. All our projects are managed personally and professionally. Short communication lines, expertise and firm decision making ensure a pleasurable and pain-free construction phase.

Deliver For TwentyFoot, providing a service is what we do; Design, construction, realisation. Delivery of the agreed product, to the agreed quality on the agreed date. After delivery we hold an evaluation workshop to ensure we remain in touch with our client’s needs and are able to keep improving our products and services.