TwentyFoot are specialists in transforming shipping containers into innovative, functional building spaces Moduralised construction has proven itself in countless sectors from automotive, packaging and industry to furniture. The shipping container is the perfect basic module from which countless innovative, bespoke solutions can be created. The shipping container is incredibly strong and durable, easy to modify and the measurements are designed to be easily transported by road, rail or ship. Containers are stackable, can be lifted with a crane or lifting arm and can be found in every corner of the world. Then container can be left unfinished or clad so as to become futuristic and unrecognisable. In building evolution, it is the natural successor to the humble house brick.

TwentyFoot believes a decentralised building process no longer offers the level of quality and service demanded by clients. Typical to a decentralised process are overly complex agreements, slow reporting and follow-up, and inefficient knowledge transfer. These often manifest themselves as hidden costs and dissatisfaction with the final product.

TwentyFoot offers integrated solutions from the first ideas to fully functioning buildings and even demolition and renewal. With a simple project organisation with short communication lines, integrated design, construction and delivery,

TwentyFoot ensures client satisfaction and that the initial concept is retained not lost somewhere in paperwork between design and construction phases.

TwentyFoot believes the world demands fewer permanent buildings and less use of natural resources. Temporary and semi-permanent solutions coupled with modular, flexible technologies enable acceleration of design and construction phases. Modular upgrading can be done off-site safely and with a lower use of natural resources. Demolition and on-site building works become a thing of the past as the containerised modules can be disconnected and transported away by lorry for re-use elsewhere.